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Sahara Sue was a teenager or young woman found stabbed to death in Las Vegas, Nevada on August 14, 1979. Her case file is well known since she didn't have any teeth at such a young age.


On August 14th, 1979, the body of a young female was discovered in the empty parking lot of lot on the old El Rancho Casino property (now a vacant lot) at Las Vegas Boulevard South and Sahara Avenue. It is believed she had died hours before her discovery and based on wounds to her abdomen, it was concluded she had died from stabbing. She may have been seen alive with a man at a liquor store, who may or may not have been involved in her murder.

Her body was found partially unclothed, while her jewelry was still present. This may lead to the possibility she was sexually assaulted either before or after her murder. She was also found with no shoes, which could've been taken by her killer as a “souvenir”.

2016 developments

In 2016, a new lead developed and released to the public. The lead had given possible information about the decedent's life before her murder. The lead indicated that she may have lived in a trailer park near Las Vegas and that she may have used the names, Shauna or Shawna. She may have also worked at a Holiday Inn or a motel on Las Vegas Boulevard. 

Pollen isotope testing conducted on the victim indicated she had spent some time in Napa Valley or Central Valley, California before her death.


  • Brown, shoulder-length hair, described as wavy.
  • Brown eyes.
  • Manicured nails, painted red.
  • No teeth, wore a top denture, but no bottom denture was found.

Clothing and Jewelry

  • Blue denim Levi's “hip hugger” jeans
  • A light blue-green button-up linen shirt with red floral embroidery and sequins and a tie up bottom.
  • White metal chain with clear plastic heart pendant with a rose painted on it.
  • White metal chain with a pendant containing a turquoise colored stone.
  • White metal plain ring worn on the right hand.




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