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Salem County John Doe was a young man found in New Jersey in 1979.


  • Straight, medium-brown, 4-6 inches long hair.

Clothes and accessories

  • White 'Madewell' painters pants (without bib).
  • Brief underwear.
  • 'Lee' dark blue jacket (size S) adorned with a 1" gold colored metal letter 'R' on the right and a quarter inch gold colored cross on left jacket breast pockets.
  • 'Michaelangelo' heavy knit V-neck sweater, dark blue or black yoke and sleeves and white body with large buttons.
  • 'Cotton Poppy' Indian style print shirt; T-shirt (size 34/36S).
  • Black 'Pro Ked' sneakers.
  • Necklace: Yellow metal 17 inch spiral twist chain; a gray metal 14 1/2 inch chain with decorative gray metal horn ornament.
  • Pack of Marlboro cigarettes. On one side of the pack the words "Meth" and "Weed" are written along with some art work. On the other side of the pack, the words "Joints" and "Pot". Also a book of matches. The matchbook cover advertises Tolz Realty Co. in gold.