Sampson County Jane Doe was a young woman found deceased in 1999.


On July 20, 1999, a man riding his ATV in a wooded area in the Timothy community near Dunn and Newton Grove discovered the victim's decomposed remains 100 yards from the Eugene Roberts or Inez Labor Camp on Easy Street. Women were known to solicit and traffic at this camp.

It is estimated that she died about two months prior to being found, and while there is no definitively stated cause of death, some sources state a stab wound was found on the decedent's throat.


  • Her hair was described as being medium length, curly/wavy and reddish-brown/auburn.
  • Good dental health and never had a cavity. No sign of stain, calculus or bone loss. Posterior mandibular teeth show extensive occlusal wear. Teeth #17 and 32 missing antemortem.
  • Fingernails were painted with a blue-green polish.

Clothing and accessories

  • Black spaghetti strap shirt.
  • Green ‘Clavin Klein’ brand jeans.
  • Navy blue bra with lace and padding.
  • Lavender panties with lace borders.
  • White sandals were found near the body and are believed to be hers.
  • A copper-toned ‘L'Elle’ watch.



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