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San Mateo County John Doe was a man whose partial remains were found in California.


The decedent's remains were located on Miramar Beach. It appeared that he had been dead for several weeks, placing the rough time of death at the very end of the previous year.

The deceased's arms were missing below the elbows, and his legs were missing below the knees. It has not been specified if the loss of the aforementioned limbs resulted from postmortem disarticulation or intentional dismemberment.

One of his previously-undiscovered legs was located on January 19, three days after the initial discovery.


  • Hair color and eye color are unknown.
  • He had a "stocky build" in life.
  • He had several silver fillings in his teeth. Some of the dental work had been performed close to his death.

Clothing and accessories

  • Blue 'Levi's' jeans.
  • Brown leather Army garrison belt, brass buckle.
  • White underwear with red and blue stripes.
  • 'Case' pocket knife with three blades.
  • Set of ten keys. One of the keys matched a 'Yale' lock, which read "UN58357 G F."
  • A shoe was found alongside the leg that was later found after the initial discovery.


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