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San Mateo County John Doe was a male who was found in the water near a California lighthouse. He had drowned, possibly after having a car accident while driving while intoxicated.


The decedent was located floating in the water near the Point Montara Lighthouse in San Mateo County. No clothing was found on or near the body. His remains, although all apparently recovered, were in an unrecognizable state due to injuries sustained around the time of his death, including a fractured mandible and broken femurs. Presumably, the body was also significantly decomposed, as it had spent a period of roughly two weeks in the water. The decedent's hair color and eye color were not able to be determined.

This male may have been witnessed driving his vehicle off of a cliff in the early morning hours of April 14, thirteen days before the remains were discovered. This theory is supported by the extensive injuries that were observed on the decedent's remains. Postmortem examination also revealed that the victim was highly intoxicated when he died. The vehicle in question, a Dodge Ram van, was registered under the name "Scott Ladue", who was apparently local to Pennsylvania. Attempts to follow up to this lead failed to locate anyone of that name, suggesting that it may be an alias.

Two other males were found floating in the water at the same exact location within months or years of this person's discovery. The remains of the two other decedents were in similar states of disrepair upon recovery; however, unlike this decedent, only partial remains of the two other people were ever recovered. One of the two other cases has been confirmed to be a drowning. The other male was suspected to have been a child who had presumably died in a boating accident, although this has not been confirmed.