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"Sebastian Pasqual" was a young man found murdered in Florida in 1986.


At approximately 7:32 AM on May 12, 1986, police were notified of a possible stabbing victim in the area of South 4th Street and Boston Avenue. A search of the area resulted in the discovery of the decedent in a vacant lot. He was found about 20-30 yards from a foot trail frequented by migrant workers. He had been the victim of homicide but it is unknown whether he was stabbed.

A witness came forward and told police that he and the decedent had traveled to Immokalee to seek work as farm laborers. They were in a group of about 20 migrants, and had traveled from Guatemala to the United States in 1985. They were first in Arizona, then they traveled to LaBelle, Florida, where half of the migrants stayed, while the other half traveled to Immokalee, arriving about a week prior to the victim's death. The witness knew the decedent as Sebastian Pasqual, however he did not believe this was his real name as many of the people they had traveled with were using alias information. It's possible the decedent still has family in Guatemala.

To date, no witnesses or suspects have ever been identified in this case.


  • Long, black straight hair.
  • Slight beard hair.
  • Brown eyes.
  • He may have been a smoker.

Clothing and accessories

  • A tan, long sleeve, western shirt with pocket flaps.
  • A black leather belt with a silver buckle depicting rifle cartridges.
  • Blue coundory pants.