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Silver Spring John Doe was a male who fell to his death from the top level of a parking garage in Silver Spring, Maryland on January 15, 2019. He was identified weeks later in February 2019. His identity has not been released.


  • He is described as a light-skinned black male.
  • He had several tattoos, including:
    • "Ignorance is bliss" in scroll print on his left forearm
    • A tribal or chain tattoo on left wrist.
    • "ZENI" in block print on left forearm.

Jewelry and accessories

  • He was wearing a crucifix necklace.
  • He was carrying a badly damaged android cell phone
  • He also had a receipt from a Walmart located in the 5900 block of Georgia Avenue, Northwest Washington, D.C which was dated from December 19, 2018.