Singer Island Jane Doe was a teenager or young adult whose partial skeleton was discovered in Florida in 1974.  


The remains of this Jane Doe were found by a man and his two teenage sons on June 16, 1974, on Singer Island in North Palm Beach, Florida. The trio was hunting for driftwood.

The remains had been scattered around the discovery area, and that animal activity had been prevalent when the remains were examined. Only a partial skeleton was recovered.

Because of the scavenging animals, investigators were unable to find out how the victim died; however, there is evidence to speculate homicide, as holes shaped like bullet holes were discovered on the sweater the Jane Doe had been wearing.


With little to go on, investigators recorded her dental charts and estimated her height and weight. A small amount of tissue was present on the remains, which was used for a blood test.

She was initially believed to be Bonnie Robinson of Detroit, Michigan; where investigators took a trip to see if they were hers or any other women in the area, but no matches were made. Robinson was excluded after a future examination of the remains.

In a Palm Beach Post article from July 1974, investigators believed that they may have had a suspect in the case as they were considering missing girls in Michigan; however, the suspect, 17-year-old Terry Wayne Walker, was ruled out. Walker confessed to murdering Bonnie Robinson.

There is also a possibility that suspected serial killer Gerard Schaefer was involved in the case. He is believed to be responsible for the disappearances of Pam Nater, Nancy Leichner, Carmen Hallock, Peggy Rahn, Wendy Stevenson, and Debbie Lowe. The latter victim was excluded from the Jane Doe case.

In 2019, a new facial reconstruction of the girl was made by the Forensics Team at the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office in an attempt to identify the girl. The sheriff's office has been quiet on developments concerning this case for unknown reasons.

No DNA is reportedly available for her case.


The following clothing was found near the remains:

  • A black pullover shirt with grey sleeves and grey midsection stripe. 
  • Yellow panties, size 5 
  • Denim material believed to have originated from a pair of denim high-cropped shorts (AKA "Daisy Dukes" or short-shorts). 


  • Her hair appeared to be blond with a possible reddish tint.
  • She had dental work based on fillings in some of her teeth.
    • She also may have had a prominent overbite.



  • Debbie Lowe (1972)
  • Helen Allison (1972)
  • Judy Davis (1972)
  • Gail Joiner (1972)
  • Sheryl Tillinghast (1973)
  • Peggy Reed (1974)
  • Diane Gilchrist (1974)


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