Sirilio Rayas
Sirilio Rayas
Name Withheld
Sex Male
Found July 31, 2015
Location Rio Rico, Arizona
Missing from Withheld
Identified May 2020
Span 4 years
Age 40 - 69
Cause of death Not stated
Sirilio Rayas and Joel Rallos Ramos were aliases of a man found dead in the Santa Cruz River in 2015. His NamUS was removed in June 2020.


He was found by a rancher, floating naked in the Santa Cruz River in Rio Rico, Arizona on July 31, 2015. He is believed to have died weeks prior, as his body was decomposed beyond recognition. His cause of death has never stated. His fingerprints matched an individual who had been arrested in 2010 by the USBP in Arizona who used the name "Joel Rallos-Ramos".

Thinking that this was his real name, police tried to track the man's family. However, it was soon discovered that he had also been arrested in Florida sometime in 1987, in Florida where gave the name "Sirilio Rayas, which turned out to be another alias. He apparently had Mexican citizenship and may have had trouble walking.

He was probably born around 1946.


1987 mugshot while in Florida

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