"Smurfette" was a female teenager found deceased in Texas in 2012.


The girl's remains were found inside of two trash bags. Her body was found adjacent approximately 20 - 25 feet from a gated driveway.

It is unknown how she died, yet homicide cannot be ruled out. There were no signs of trauma on the body, except for the fact her hands were missing.

Isotope testing revealed she likely spent a significant amount of time in Austin, or San Antonio, Texas.

She was nicknamed "Smurfette," for the tee shirt she wore, which depicted the cartoon character of the same name.


  • She had a visible overbite.
  • She had evidence of dental work but was in need of care, as she had several untreated cavities.
  • She may have been an admixture of White and Black ancestry.
  • She may have had osteopenia.
  • She had a malformation at the base of her skull.
  • She had wavy to curly dark brown hair.
  • She had a small build.

Clothing and accessories

  • She wore a blue-green tee shirt with the "Smurfette" character and the phrase "He smurfs me, he smurfs me not."
  • Tan, size 5, cargo pants.
  • A bobby pin in her hair.



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