Snohomish County Jane Doe
Snohomish CK
Sex Female
Race White
Location Everett, Washington
Found August 14, 1977
Unidentified for 42 years
Postmortem interval Days
Body condition Decomposed
Age approximation 15-21
Height approximation 5'10
Weight approximation 150-160 pounds
Cause of death Strangulation/ gunshot
Snohomish County Jane Doe, also nicknamed as "Precious Doe" was a young woman found murdered in Washington. Her murder was solved but she remains unidentified.


The victim was picked up after hitchhiking by a man later convicted of her murder. The pair spent the day together but the victim was murdered after denying the man sex.

She was tested by the DNA Doe Project, but her DNA was too degraded to work with, due to boiling of her bones in the past.

Margaret Press of the DNA Doe Project has expressed that another agency might try to extract sufficient DNA from the Jane Doe's hair later, and that the DNA Doe Project is no longer involved in Snohomish Jane Doe's case.




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