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Snohomish County John Doe, also known as Stilly Doe, was a male located in the Stillaguamish River in 1980. Foul play is not suspected in his death.

He is currently undergoing testing by Othram, Inc.


  • Graying hair.
  • Stubble on his cheeks and chin.
  • He suffered from coronary artery atherosclerosis, which may have been a factor in his death.
  • "Hammer toe" deformity on his left big toe.


  • Red flannel shirt.
  • Black or gray suit-jacket.
  • Black or gray trousers.
  • Cotton undershirt and long underwear.
  • Black 'Winthrop' shoes with paper arch supports.
  • A leather belt with a buckle containing the letters "GRN."
    • The letters are thought to possibly represent the man's initials.