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St. Louis John Doe was a man who was found by a tugboat crew floating in the Mississippi River one miles from the shore near St. Louis, Missouri on September 3, 1978. Few details are available in his case.


  • Short Sandy-colored brown hair.
  • Prominent mandible.

Clothing and accessories

  • Dark green corduroy three button jacket.
  • Light-colored, short-sleeved JC Penney shirt with the name "Stuckwisch" or "Stuckwish" hand-lettered in collar, size Medium.
  • Maroon socks.
  • Black Seiberling leather, low-cut, and steel-toed work shoes with the imprint "Oil Proof," size 7 1/2 E.
  • Helbros (Invincible model) yellow metal wristwatch that is 21", and is with a brown leather band and a stainless steel black and white circular face.