St. Onge John Doe was a man found murdered in 2000.


The John Doe's skeletal remains, with multiple gunshot wounds to the body and head, were found lying face up in a landfill in rural Lawrence County, near St. Onge in South Dakota. There was an attempt to hide the body as pieces of scrap lumber were covering the decedent.


  • His hair was dark in color.
  • He had no dental work.
    • He had a pronounced overbite which would have made it unlikely that his lips would have closed over his teeth at rest.
  • He had spondylolysis of the 5th lumbar vertebra which may have resulted in back pain, and possibly a limp or altered gait.


  • Britannia purple and blue-striped button-up shirt with short sleeves (XL).
  • Spaulding tennis shoes (size 9).
  • A worn brown leather belt with a worn oblong silver buckle (1x2 in. with an inset area in the front which may have held a mount of some type).
  • Bill Blass spring jacket with green and purple horizontal stripes (XL).
  • Wrangler blue jeans, unknown size.
  • Tan-colored Stubbies swimming trunks.
  • White Hanes underwear (size 30).




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