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Stephen Hammerle
Age 26
Race White
Sex Male
Location Manhattan, Kansas
Disappeared August 22, 1981
Missing for 40 years
Height 5'10
Weight 145 - 170 pounds
Classification Suspected homicide

Stephen Scott Hammerle was a young man who disappeared in Manhattan, Kansas, in 1981. He was last seen leaving a birthday party in a red van with other individuals, including Joseph Grashner, who is also missing. Foul play is suspected in both men's cases.


  • Long, brown hair.
  • Blue eyes.
  • Beard and mustache.
  • Scar near left eye.
  • Paralyzed from waist down due to an accident before his disappearance.
  • All upper teeth extracted due to suffering from cluster headaches.
  • Several homemade tattoos
    • The words "LOVE LISA" across his fingers.
    • The word "Love" and a small eagle on upper right arm.
    • Cat or leopard on left arm.
    • A man on his right forearm.
    • The name "Leo" on upper left arm.
    • The words "Born to Run" on one arm.
    • The name "Joey" on one arm.
    • A devil driving on his left forearm.

Clothing & accessories

  • Wheelchair.
  • Colostomy bag.