Sylvia Klayh
Sylvia Klayh 01.jpg
Age 14
Race White
Sex Female
Location Brereton Lake, Manitoba
Disappeared August 13, 1967
Missing for 53 years
Height 5'6"
Weight 119 pounds
Classification Suspected homicide

Sylvia Linda Klayh (Born 1953) was a teenager who disappeared after an argument with her father. She may use the surname Cipranovich.


  • Long, brown hair.
  • Brown eyes.
  • Thin build.
  • Light complexion.


  • Orange and beige, striped, cotton sweater.
  • Blue and green "Bermuda style" shorts.
  • Brown sandals.


Sylvia Klayh 02.jpg

Sylvia was at her family's cabin it Brereton Lake with her father and two siblings. Around 11:00 A.M., she left the cabin without saying anything after an argument with her father. Her father reported her missing when she didn't return for lunch.


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