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This article includes content which may be disturbing to some readers. Discretion is advised.
Sylvia Lee
Sylvia Lee.jpg
Age 17
Race White
Sex Female
Location Campbell, California
Disappeared October 31, 1995
Missing for 25 years
Height 4'11 - 5'
Weight 110 - 125 pounds
Classification Presumed homicide

Sylvia Ann "Shorty" Lee was a teenager who went missing in 1995. Wilbur Atcherley pleaded guilty to Sylvia's murder.


While in prison, Atcherley confessed to Lee's sexual assault and murder on the fifth anniversary of her disappearance. He led police to a creek, claiming it was where he dumped her body. Searches for her remains proved fruitless; It is possible that currents washed her body to another location.

Although her remains were never found, Atcherley was sentenced to an additional fifteen years in prison.