Taj Narbonne
Taj Narbonne.jpgProgressed to 40
Age 9
Race White
Sex Male
Location Leominster, Massachusetts
Disappeared March 31, 1981
Missing for 40 years
Height 4'
Weight 65 pounds
Classification Suspected homicide

Taj Narbonne was a child who went missing in 1981 under suspicious circumstances.


Taj disappeared from his bed in the middle of the night, taking his slippers with him, but no other clothing and has not been seen since. His mother, Annette called her mother, Eunice at 8:00 a.m. to report that Taj was missing.

Annette believed that Taj ran away from home to get away from his stepfather, Clarence Dean, because he was terrified of him. Taj reported to his teacher & best friend that he was being abused at home.

Taj called Eunice the night he disappeared, asking her to come pick him up because he was afraid, but Eunice told him to go to sleep.

In 1989 (eight years after Taj went missing), authorities searched a barn on Pleasant Street in Leominster in search of Taj's remains, but no evidence was found.

In the years since Taj's disappearance, Annette has remarried and lives in New York. Clarence (who suffers from mental illness) resides at the Bridgewater State Hospital.

As of 2019, Taj's disappearance remains unsolved.



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