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Tammy Leppert
Tammy lynn leppert 8.jpgProgressed to 48
Age 18
Race White
Sex Female
Location Cocoa Beach, Florida
Disappeared July 6, 1983
Missing for 37 years
Height 5'4 - 5'5
Weight 105 - 115 pounds
Classification Suspected homicide

Tammy Lynn Leppert was a young model, beauty queen, and actor who disappeared crew from Coaca Beach, Florida in 1983. Homicide is suspected in this case.


Leppert was last seen on July 6, 1983, in Cocoa Beach, Florida. One of Leppert's friends told police that he left her in a parking lot because of an argument they had while he was driving her from her home in Rockledge, Florida. This mans identity isn’t known not considered to be a suspect. Leppert's mother claimed that Tammy was afraid of this man.

Leppert's mother also filed a one million dollar claim against serial killer Christopher Wilder's estate. Police do not consider Wilder to be linked to Leppert's disappearance. Serial killer John Crutchley, who commited suicide in 2002, was considered a suspect in Leppert's case.

Leppert's mother has theorized that her daughter was murdered due to being privy to the local drug trafficking scene. In addition, she stated that her daughter exhibited signs of paranoia while consuming food and beverages, being wary while eating food and refusing to drink from open containers.

Two women came forward to detective Harold Lewis claiming that Leppert was alive. The first woman claimed that Leppert would ''make contact when the time was right". The second woman claimed that Leppert was going to school to become a nurse.


  • Curly blond hair.
  • Hazel eyes.
  • She may have been three months pregnant at the time of her disappearance.


  • Blue denim shirt with flower decorations.
  • Blue denim skirt with flower emboidery.
  • Gray purse.
  • Sandals.



Leppert has been ruled out as being the following:

Media appearances

  • Leppert's case was featured on Unsolved Mysteries.


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