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Tanya Ruiz
Age 24
Race White
Sex Female
Location Piru, California
Disappeared August 6, 1975
Missing for 46 years
Height 5'6”
Weight 126 pounds
Classification Presumed homicide

Tanya Ruiz was a young woman and native Californian who went missing in 1975.

Her husband was tried and convicted of her murder, along with the murder of his subsequent wife, Pauline Ruiz yet her body was never found.


Tanya Ruiz was last seen on August 6, 1975, at the Edwards Ranch near Piru, California, where she lived with her husband, Alfred Gilbert Ruiz.

At the time Tanya had been visiting her grandmother. When she did not meet her grandmother on Sunday as they had previously planned, the family began to search for Tanya. 

After searching for a month to, Tanya's mother reported her disappearance to law enforcement, and a deputy was dispatched to conduct interviews.

During his interview, the deputy noted her husband seemed unphased and unconcerned about his wife's unknown whereabouts and told his interviewer that Tanya had taken between $150 to $200 and some clothes with her when she left. 

Without any leads, the case went cold and was closed until 1979, when the bodies of Alfred Ruiz's subsequent wife following, Tanya's disappearance, and her son were discovered buried in his backyard. 

Further excavation of the area did not unearth the remains of Tanya and to this day she has remained missing.  


  • Blonde/Strawberry blonde hair.
  • Blue eyes.
  • Her right side was spastic.
  • Her right leg and hand were lightly malformed.
  • She wore a brace on her right leg.