• Hi Nick.

    I'd like to make some edits on this one. Check the end of the link.

    I'd also like to remove some clutter on the page.

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    • I have noticed this Doe on the TDTF page before. Over the last few days, I've done some research on this case, but I've only found a vague mention of "bikini underpants." I'm a little hesitant to list this person as potentially gender variant, as this article of clothing doesn't seem to be strong enough evidence. I also wasn't able to find anything to suggest authorities might have such suspicions, either. Are you able to provide a few links to sources that mention gender variance?

      As far as the "clutter" goes, what are you thinking of removing?

      Sorry for the late response!

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    • I'd like to add punctuation and rephrase things like 

      • He had an extra left rib. to An extra left rib.
      • He had a slim build but was well-nourished - A slim physique and good nourishment.
      • Healed scars were on his chest, back and legs - removing the on his part. Stuff like that.
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    • Yes, that's fine, although "well-nourished" is actually grammatically correct compared to "good."

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    • OK, it is still locked for me so if you are inclined to implement them, please do.

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    • A FANDOM user
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