Tillamook County John Doe was a man whose body was found on the shore of Cape Lookout State Park in 1991.


  • Red/Auburn hair.
  • Sideburns on cheeks.
  • Hazel eyes.
  • 3-inch scar on lower abdomen, probably from herniorrhaphy.
  • Approximately 1-inch scar on right chin.


  • Navy blue "KING SIZE" brand windbreaker, size 38.
  • Two wool sweaters (gray and black.)
  • U.S. surplus wool scarf.
  • Two pairs of wool socks (green and dark blue.)
  • Navy blue "JOCKEY" brand underwear, size 38.
  • Olive green gloves.
  • "LEVI" brand jeans, size 40.
  • Brown knit/web belt, size 40.
  • Long sleeved navy blue "KING SIZE" brand shirt.
  • "SKOR" brand sneakers, medium blue with white trim, size 12.


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