Timmothy James Pitzen (also known by the nicknames "Tim" and "Timmy") was a young boy who disappeared from Wisconsin in 2011. Pitzen's latest age progression depicts him at 13.


Pitzen lived with his parents James Pitzen and Amy Fry-Pitzen in Aurora, Illinois at the time of his disappearance.

On May 11, Timmothy's father dropped him off at kindergarten. Amy then removed him from his class later that morning and checked him out of school. She then dropped her vehicle off at an auto repair shop and was driven by one of the shop employees to Brookfield Zoo. Later that day, she and Timmothy went back to shop to pick up the repaired vehicle and drove to the KeyLime Cove Resort in Gurnee, Illinois where they rented a room for one night.

On May 12, Amy and Timmothy went to the Kalahari Resort located in Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin. They were captured on security footage the following morning at 10 am waiting to check out. Amy told her loved ones in several phone calls that she and Timmothy were fine and not in trouble. Timmothy was heard in the background of these phone calls and this was the last time anyone saw or heard from him.

Later on May 13, Amy was seen purchasing stationery alone at a Family Dollar store in Winnebago, Illinois. She then went to the nearby Sullivan's Foods, then checked into the Rockford Inn in Rockford, Illinois.

During the night or morning, Amy committed suicide by slashing her wrists and neck and taking an overdose of antihistamines. Her body was discovered on May 14. She had left a note and two letters in the mail stating that Timmothy was fine and with people who cared about him, and that no one would ever find him.

Timmothy's father, James, has stated he is puzzled by his wife's suicide and Timmothy's disappearance. Both he and Amy's mother have stated Amy loved Timmothy and they did not believe she would have harmed him.  

Later developments

On April 3, 2019, residents of Newport, Kentucky near the Ohio border called authorities after they found a teenager wandering the streets. The teenager claimed he was Timmothy Pitzen and that he had escaped from his captors.  

A day later, it was revealed that it was a hoax and he was not Pitzen. He was identified as 23-year old Brian Rini, a man who had just been released from prison less than a month prior to his claim. Rini is a convicted felon, having recently served 14 months in prison for burglary and vandalism, and had previously claimed to have been a victim of child sex trafficking.



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