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Toronto John Doe was a man found wedged between a wooden fence and pillar on King Street East in Toronto, Ontario.


  • Brown hair.
  • Hazel eyes.
  • He was an alcoholic.
  • His teeth were in poor condition with no dental work, and has some cavities.
  • His teeth were stained which indicated that he was a smoker.
  • Slender build.

Clothing and accessories

  • Yellow and orange striped shirt.
  • Grey pants.
  • Grey socks.
  • Black shoes.
  • Silver waistband.
  • 'Timex' watch, black dial with a red cross in the middle, with a broken date indicated.


  • Knife with a white handle, 4" long.
  • Four pennies.
  • Package of 'Kleenex" tissues.