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Toronto John Doe was a male discovered inside of a sewer in Toronto, Ontario in 2001.


The decedent was listed as Caucasian, although authorities state that he may have been of Egyptian or mixed Caucasian-African descent. The remains were noted to have been found specifically at 470 Lansdowne Avenue, near the intersection of Bloor Street and Lansdowne Avenue.

The decedent was also found to bear quite a few distinguishing characteristics, including surgical plates attached to the bones of the left forearm (more specifically, the radius and ulna), and the plates were numbered "248.08", and "A3DK454", inscribed directly above and below the plate manufacturer's logo (what has been listed as something that looks similar to an 'apple with a stem'), respectively. Despite this, the name of the manufacturing company could not be determined.

The man also bore an improperly-healed nasal fracture in life that would be considered obvious upon viewing, as well as healed rib fractures. The left hip was also fractured at the socket, however, this injury in particular had not yet fully healed, occurring shortly prior to death.

A dental examination performed revealed that the decedent's teeth had been stained brown, consistent with being a smoker. He was also missing his incisors, which would also be very noticeable.