Toronto John Doe was a man who was found deceased in the Toronto Harbor of Lake Ontario.


  • His build was described as "heavily muscled" and "well-nourished."
  • Straight, brown hair.
  • Brown eyes.
  • Has a scar on his chin.
  • He had his appendix.
  • He had dental work but his teeth weren't in great condition.
    • Staining on his teeth suggested he might've been a smoker.
    • He had an overbite.
    • There were several amalgam fillings.
    • Several of his teeth were missing, the most obvious being his lower right lateral incisor.

Clothing and Belongings

  • His outfit consisted of:
    • A blue and beige, striped, long-sleeved shirt.
    • Blue, denim jeans from Levi Strauss.
    • Blue boxers from Jockey.
    • Brown socks.
  • Other belongings he had with him consisted of:
    • Two keys.
    • A black comb.
    • A Timex calendar wristwatch.
    • $22.09.
      • A $20 bill.
      • A $2 bill.
      • Four pennies.
      • One nickel.


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