Troy Galloway
Troy Galloway glasses.jpg
Age 34
Race White
Sex Male
Location Sonora, California
Disappeared January 13, 2016
Missing for 5 years
Height 6'-6'1
Weight 165-170 pounds
Classification Endangered missing

Troy Robert Galloway (born October 6, 1981) was a man who went missing in early 2016 after leaving his home. Except for an unconfirmed sighting following his initial disappearance, there is no further evidence of his whereabouts. 


Galloway, a married father of two, was last known to have walked outside his house in Sonora, California. It was likely he did not intend to be away for a significant amount of time, as he did not dress according to the low temperatures. It is unclear whether his departure was related to a mental illness or if exposure may have played a role in his absence. He did have three years of experience as a United States Marine, although it has not been specified whether this triggered his mental illness.

Galloway carried his cell phone when he disappeared, but it was turned off within a short interval of time. There has been no further elaboration to explain whether this sugested foul play or the decision to break contact with loved ones. He was possibly seen in his hometown of Santa Cruz, California shortly afterward. Apart from this, he never contacted family or friends, and no signs of financial activity have occurred.


  • Galloway had dark brown hair that was described as thick and curly.
    • He is shown to wear a beard on occasion, although it is unknown if one was present when he disappeared.
  • His eyes were brown.
    • He required corrective lenses for his vision
  • He had three tattoos:
    • The nude figure of a female angel held by her foot by a devil covering a significant portion of his back.
    • A large cross on the right shoulder with red outlines with "JDH" above and "Proverbs 18:24" below.
    • A Japanese character translating to "eternity" on his left forearm.
  • He had a history of mental illness.

Clothing and accessories

  • White shirt with blue edges.
  • Jeans (color unspecified).
  • Glasses
  • Gray shoes.
  • Wedding ring on his left ring finger.
  • Watch (further description unavailable).



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