Ulster County John Doe was a man found murdered in 1970. He is believed to have been from Portugal.


His body was found by children sledding in the snow. His body was found frozen inside an embankment. He had been shot 4 times in the head, probably days prior. A watch found on his body was traced to Portugal, indicating he was probably a Portuguese native.


  • He had brown, wavy hair with a bald spot at the top of his head.

Clothing and jewelry

  • He wore a reversible brown coat.
  • A green suit.
  • White dress shirt.
  • Black, silk Playboy tie.
  • an extra-large Rimrock green shirt, Taiwanese-made
  • White t-shirt.
  • Blue cotton pajamas.
  • White medium-size, Sun Valley, Korean-made socks
  • Gray socks.
  • Black leather shoes.
  • Black, rubber Wings overshoes, Canadian-made.
  • Imitation ruby ring with gold setting.
  • Omega Sea Master silver watch.



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