This page summarizes major developments being processed with unidentified and missing individuals. 

November 2018

Snohomish County John Doe

A male whose partial remains were discovered in January 1978. Following an exhumation in 2018, it was discovered the man wore a shirt reading "Prescott Horace," a strong indication the decedent was Horace "Jack" Prescott, missing since 1976. A recently created forensic rendering provided a resemblance to the missing man. DNA testing is underway.

January 2019

El Dorado Jane Doe

An identity theft murdered in Arkansas by her boyfriend in 1991. In early 2019, a forensic genealogist (not affiliated with the DNA Doe Project or Parabon) announced a match to potential family members. Those who responded were unable to recall the victim, yet described a familial resemblance.

February 2019

Rock County John Doe

A male presumed to have died accidentally near Clinton, Wisconsin in 1995. His case was taken by the DNA Doe Project, who announced his tentative identification after several months. Law enforcement has yet to comment on this.

July 2019

Miss Molly

A woman found beaten and drowned in Salina, Kansas in 1986. 33 years after her death, her dental records were found to be similar to that of Anna Neeft, last seen in Canada two years before the murder. DNA comparison is underway.

August 2019

Berks County John Doe

A male who committed suicide in a cave along the Appalachian Trail. His dental information was reported to have similarities with missing men from Florida and Illinois. Eventually, his unmarked burial location was rediscovered and exhumed for DNA.

September 2019

Long Beach John Doe

A male strangled and left on a street in Long Beach, California in 1978. On the forum Websleuths, a woman commented, confidently believed the victim was her estranged foster brother. He reportedly left their residence after suffering abuse. The foster brother is not listed in any databases, indicating he was unreported missing. It is unknown if law enforcement has acknowledged the tip. As the woman is not a biological relative, DNA would be difficult to obtain.

Dulce Alavez

Dulce Alavez disappeared from a park in New Jersey and was presumably abducted. The case is subjected to high levels of media attention and investigation efforts. The suspect has not been identified.

Lycoming County Jane Doe

A woman's severed leg, discovered in a river in Pennsylvania in May 2019. In September 2019, a man confessed to murdering Brenda Lee Jacobs in 2003, disposing of her remains in a similar fashion. It should be noted that the unidentified woman is believed to have died six months before and Jacobs was murdered sixteen years prior.

Tarrant County John Doe

A premature, living infant discovered in Arlington, Texas near a trash compactor on September 21, 2019. The child had recently been born.

October 2019

San Mateo County Doe

In 1983, an individual, possibly a trans woman, was discovered in Half Moon Bay, California. The DNA Doe Project took the case in January 2019 and announced a tentative identification ten months later. Law enforcement has yet to confirm their statement.

Cayce McDaniel

Cayce McDaniel, 14, disappeared under suspicious circumstances in 1996. In October 2019, a suspect was charged with her murder.

November 2019

Grundy County Jane Doe

A female was discovered murdered by the side of a road in 1979 in Erienna Township, Illinois. In November 2019, extended relatives have been identified in Alabama through genealogy.

Clark County John Doe (1979)

A male whose partial remains were initially discovered in Buffalo Cave, Idaho in 1979. In November 2019, the DNA Doe Project announced that he had been tentatively identified and are awaiting law enforcement to confirm this status.

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