Here on the Unidentified Wiki, we value the extensive contributions by our variety of diverse editors. Here, members of the site can nominate a case close to them for "featured" status, which indicates the importance of the article's subject to our website.

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Definition of a "Featured Case"

A featured case can have two major reasons for nomination. The first is for its popularity in the media or legacy it left. Its importance to bringing change in the field of science and technology or perhaps the length of time it may have taken to solve.

A second factor is the content of the article. A case may not be as well known to the public, yet the quality of writing and the amount of work put into the page is worth recognizing.

Cases with a featured status will have a star symbol next to their name in the infobox portion of their entry.


For those participating in the nomination process or the discussion following, some steps must be taken.

  • To nominate a case, add a new section to this page detailing the case title (with a link), giving a short description and why it was nominated.
  • Users are to respond with "support," "neutral," or "oppose" in bold, followed by their reason for such a decision.
    • In order to be selected, a case must have at least three "support" votes.
      • The votes supporting the nomination must outnumber the opposition votes.
      • At least one administrator is required to voice support for a nomination to be selected.
  • All comments must be civil and appropriate. Failure to do so may result in a temporary block.
  • Decisions should be made by means other than emotional; as we need to avoid bias of this type.
  • Cases that have issues with formatting, copy and pasting from other sources, or otherwise very short are intelligible for nomination until such concerns are adjusted.
  • Please link to your user page (ex: [[User:Example|Example]]) at the end of your comment to identify yourself as the voter.


Elizabeth Short

Elizabeth Short, also known as the Black Dahlia, who was murdered and dismembered in 1947. Her murder was the inspiration for theories, documentaries, novels, movies, and even a video game, as well as playing a significant role in the formation of the sex offender registry in California. (Nominated by Yukine's Odyssey.)

  • Neutral: I'm a bit conflicted with adding featured status, as Short was not unidentified for a long time (according to the Wikipedia page). However, it is worth recognizing the notoriety of the case throughout the years and its legacy. I'm choosing to remain neutral on this discussion, as I do not want to discourage the nomination process. -Gourami Watcher
  • Support: My main reason for support is that the year she was murdered was 1947. The reason for this is the recent theory regarding serial killers and war. 1947 was around the beginning of the "golden age" of serial killers. Elizabeth Short falls into this category. Too I think it was a prime example of the serial killer of this era. - CRUXELOQUENS 

Benjamin Kyle

Benjamin Kyle, real name William Burgess Powell, is a man who was found nude, beaten, and sunburned behind a Burger King in 2004. He survived the attack but developed amnesia, causing him to forget his identity. His case is a special unidentified person case because it is one of the most well-known amnesia victim cases, being widely publicized in the media, appearing on Dr. Phil and being the subject of a documentary. (Nominated by EnterTheLizard)

  • Oppose: At this time, the article needs to be revamped, as it is closely paraphrased/copied from one or more sources. It is a prominent case and I would support this nomination if the required changes would be made. -Gourami Watcher

Lime Lady

The Lime Lady was a young woman whose mummified body was found covered in quicklime in Jones, Oklahoma in 1980. The article has extensive information about theories surrounding her death as well as listing the many people who were ruled out. The DNA Doe Project has since taken on her case, which will hopefully garner more attention to it. (Nominated by EnterTheLizard)

  • Support: An arguably prominent case in this country with considerable coverage and a lasting legacy. -Gourami Watcher
  • Support: I also feel like Lime Lady is a well-known UID case. Her article on here is also very well-written, in my opinion. - Angrycommuter1999

Niki Bakoles

Niki Bakoles, formerly was known as Saltair Sally, was a young woman whose skeletal remains were found in Utah in 2000 and was identified nearly 12 years later. This article contains extensive details about the case, her life leading up to her disappearance, her discovery, and identification. (Nominated by EnterTheLizard)

  • Neutral: I agree on the notability of the case, as well as the coverage on her article. However, it might need some more organization with sections and format. I'm currently working on a "manual of style" for articles to be based on. -Gourami Watcher
  • Neutral: I would agree with this nomination and to make this a featured case, however I do believe the article needs better formatting and organisation before it can become featured - Hoshiiiii

Daviess County John Doe

Daviess County John Doe was discovered murdered in a wooded area of Kentucky. He had been sexually assaulted, beaten almost beyond recognition, and shot to death. His hands and feet had also been removed, and his body lacked clothing. I contributed a lot to his page on here, so I might be a bit biased. (Nominated by Angrycommuter1999)

  • Support: An interesting case with coverage from multiple angles and is quite reminiscent of Septic Tank Sam's case. His information here is very well-written as well. - Predator Point
  • Support: This is certainly a bizarre case, in addition to the misidentification of the victim. Extensive work has gone into the article. I'm going to add "characteristics" and "clothing" sections. --Gourami Watcher
  • Support: My reason for support is simple. Here is a case with viable DNA evidence that seems not to be currently pursued. It is a good example of many such cases and as such has my vote. -:CRUXELOQUENS

Iredell County John Doe

Iredell County John Doe was discovered in blanketsş stabbed and shot in the face to death and set on fire. The way he was found is indicative of organized crime and could be gang-related. This is one of the rare cases where the body is lost and DNA is unavailable thus bringing publicity to this case could set an example to related agencies in crime resolution. (Nominated by Predator Point)

  • Oppose: The article does need a bit more expansion to be considered. I do agree to feature it would bring awareness, but this cannot be the sole reason to do so.

Dana Lowrey

Dana Lowrey was a young woman whose skeletal remains were found in Ohio in 2007. She was identified by the DNA Doe Project in 2019. Dana's case is considerably well known in the community, as well as having a sizeable amount of attention from the media.

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