This list contains potential identities for Walker County Jane Doe, found on November 1, 1980 in Huntsville, Texas. She was a suspected runaway, likely unreported, possibly being from the Gulf Coast region of Texas. She was between 14 and 20, had hazel eyes, brown hair and wore a necklace containing a stone pendant.

Possible identities

Name Age (discovery) Disappeared Location Similarities Differences Match likelihood
Adrianne Gilliam 20 1979 California Weight. Physical statistics, circumstances Very low.
Micki West 21 1979 Missouri Hair, height. Circumstances, facial characteristics Very low
Pem Michelle Yates-Briggs 17 1977 Oregon Facial characteristics, physical characteristics, age Hair Medium

Ruled out

Name Age (time of discovery) Source
Mary "Rachel" Trlica 22 NamUs
Maria Anjiras 19 NamUs
Cindy King 19 NamUs
Deborah McCall 17 NamUs
Yvette Watson 19 Websleuths
Kristy Booth 19 NamUs
Laureen Rahn 14 NamUs
Kimberly Rae Doss 18 NamUs
Rachael Garden 15 NamUs
Roxane Easland 24-25 NamUs
Corrine Hagler 18 Police department
Gina Hall 18-19 Police department
Cecile Moch 20 Police department

CODIS rule outs

The cases below are missing females that have had their DNA successfully tested. Because Walker County Jane Doe's DNA has also been developed, all missing females with DNA availability would be excluded automatically, as their DNA would immediately be compared to the Jane Doe's.

Name Disappeared
Carol "Kitty" Donn 1980
Michelle Mulcahy 1979
Angie Meeker 1979
Louise Davis 1979
Teri Rhodes 1975
Wendy Stevenson 1969
Edna Thorne 1975
Cheryl "Cherie" Wyant 1978
Teresa Alfonso 1974
Andria Bailey 1979
Lisa Borden 1979
Sandra "Sandy" Butler 1978
Dorothy Clitheroe 1973
Judy Davis 1972
Wendy Eaton 1975
Karen Kamsch 1976
Tina Kemp 1979
Julie Moseley 1974
Debbie Quimby 1977
Angie Ramsey 1977
Marcia Remick 1979
Karen Zendrosky 1979
Ann Ellinwood 1978
Lisa Wilson 1974
Robyn Pettinato 1975
Diane Dye 1979
Eva Riddal 1977
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