I'm someone who's been super interested in doe cases for quite a few years now, and even made me consider taking forensic science in high school...but that didn't pan out. I'm usually busy for most of the day so I kind of come around for only a few hours, though that might change once I'm cleared to return to college. Aside from this, I do commission work as an artist, but for more cartoony projects. Maybe someday I'll harness the skill to do police sketches and all that. :)

My main focus right now is cases from my home state Texas, as well as cases from Illinois, where I grew up. Though, more likely cases outside of Chicago. It's been very surprising to find doe cases that were discovered pretty much down the street! I'm hoping a push can get them to be identified, returned to their families, and their potential killers caught.

I'm open to help or criticism of my grammar or format! I'm also new to making articles on this platform so please let me know if I make some errors.

Cases I'm interested in

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