Unidentified Wiki

“ The world missed out on a great soul " - In memory of Kimberly Leach.

Cases im currently interested in: 

  • Princess Blue, This young girl has always been a mystery to me, as she inspires me to take a job at the police department in Manvel, as i would personally like to solve her case. She has so many unique physical traits about her, along with her racial admixture at the time and place she was in is very unique, along with how her death is unknown.
  • Tempe Girl, Due to how young she looked and her backstory.
  • Julie Doe, The murder of Julie Doe is an important representative of how much the LGBT Community was mistreated throughout the decades.
  • Grundy County Jane Doe, this seemed like a bit of a brutal crime to me, and it stuck out because shes very close to being identified!

 I'll be contributing to pages any way i can whether it be adding photos, adding new information on a case, or rewording pages. etc. I also have the ability to enhance photos of individuals for superimpositions if i am asked.