Hi, I'm Nick. I'm 24 and originate from Wisconsin. I'm the founder and one of the co-administrators of this website, which was started in December 2014. Forensic science has always been a strong interest of mine, and once I discovered the issue surrounding the unidentified dead, I was hooked.

Outside moderating and contributing to this website, I spend a lot of my time writing Wikipedia pages (since 2008), and updating Doe Network case files. When I'm not spending countless hours in front of my laptop, I'm usually catching up on coursework or considering what to include in my future novels, thus far unrelated to the true crime world.

I also serve as the co-host and co-writer for From The Vault: A True Crime Podcast, formerly known as True Cold Case Files, since March 2020. Additionally, I had a guest appearance in November 2019.

Top cases


  1. Walker County Jane Doe*
  2. Bear Brook Jane Doe*
  3. Beth Doe*
  4. Princess Doe
  5. Julie Doe*
  6. San Mateo County Doe (1983)
  7. Oneida County John Doe (1980)
  8. Lady of the Dunes*
  9. Jock and Jane Doe*
  10. John Wayne Gacy victims
  11. Green River victims
  12. Woodlawn Jane Doe*
  13. Fond du Lac County Jane Doe*
  14. St. Louis Jane Doe*
  15. Wilson Chouest victims*
  16. Little Miss Lake Panasoffkee*
  17. Adam and Brad*
  18. Bitter Creek Betty and Sheridan County Jane Doe
  19. Boy in the Box
  20. Wilmington John Doe
  21. Eklutna Annie* and Horseshoe Harriet
  22. Arroyo Grande Jane Doe*
  23. Oneida County Jane Doe
  24. Little Miss Nobody*
  25. Delta Dawn*


  1. Tammy Alexander
  2. Marcia King*
  3. Debra Jackson*
  4. Marlyse Honeychurch, Marie Vaughn, and Sarah McWaters*
  5. Bella Bond*
  6. Bobbie Taylor
  7. Jason Callahan*
  8. Amber Creek*
  9. Marie Young*
  10. Brenda Gerow*
  11. Lyle Stevik*
  12. Peggy Johnson*
  13. Bea Sieg
  14. Carol Cole*
  15. Holly Glynn*
  16. Tammy Vincent*
  17. Anjelica Castillo*
  18. Michelle Garvey*
  19. Deanna Criswell*
  20. Kerry Graham and Francine Trimble*
  21. Erica Green
  22. David Stack*
  23. Jon-Neice Jones*
  24. Erika Hill*
  25. Martha Morrison*


  1. Etan Patz
  2. Michaela Garecht
  3. Ted Bundy victims
  4. Green River victims
  5. Willie Maas (a relative of mine whom I've never met)
  6. Kayla Berg
  7. Andy Puglisi
  8. Shannon Verhage
  9. Fran Smith
  10. Lauria Bible and Ashley Freeman
  11. Kathie Durst
  12. Diane Dye
  13. Melissa Brannen
  14. Connie Converse
  15. Michael Hughes
  16. Jessica O'Grady
  17. Kamrie Mitchell
  18. Patty Spencer and Pam Hobley*
  19. Janice Pockett
  20. Beverly Potts
  21. Joe Pichler
  22. Logan Tucker
  23. Brittanee Drexel
  24. Teresa Fittin
  25. Anna Waters
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