I'm the founder and one of the co-administrators of this website, which was started in December 2014. Forensic science has always been a strong interest of mine, and once I discovered the issue surrounding the unidentified dead, I was hooked.

Outside moderating and contributing to this website, I spend a lot of my time writing Wikipedia pages (since 2008), and updating Doe Network case files. When I'm not spending countless hours in front of my laptop, I'm usually catching up on coursework or considering what to include in my future novels, thus far unrelated to the true crime world.

I also serve as the co-host and co-writer for From The Vault: A True Crime Podcast, formerly known as True Cold Case Files, since March 2020. Additionally, I had a guest appearance in November 2019.

Top cases


  1. Walker County Jane Doe*
  2. Bear Brook Jane Doe*


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