This article includes content which may be disturbing to some readers, such as details of suicide. Discretion is advised.

Vancouver Jane Doe was a woman who committed suicide by jumping off a bridge.


Jane Doe was seen climbing over a guard rail on the Arthur Laing Bridge's north end, where she jumped and fell for nine meters before hitting the South West Marine Drive off-ramp.

The impact of the fall fractured Jane Doe's ribcage, collar bones, and the left side of her jaw. Her broken bones punctured her liver and aorta, causing her lung to fill up with blood. Six of her teeth were shattered and three were partially broken.

Inside Jane Doe's jacket was a page ripped out of a phone book with several emergency shelter numbers circled. She also had a paper with somebody's phone number on it. Because of this, police managed to track some of her activities.

Multiple shelters believed Jane Doe might have stayed with them, but nobody knew her name. Somebody who recognized her claimed that Jane Doe was kicked out of her residence by her ex boyfriend. She briefly worked in the sex trade in New Westminster, but didn't want to continue that lifestyle.

Police do not believe she lived on the streets for very long.


  • Slightly curly, dark brown hair that was turning grey.
  • Hazel or brown eyes.
  • The fingernail on her right index finger was missing.
  • No drugs or alcohol was found in her system and there was no evidence of prior drug abuse.
  • Had three scars:
    • A one centimeter scar was on her left upper arm.
    • A one centimeter scar on the back of her right hand.
    • 1.5 centimeter scars on both knees.

Clothing and accessories

  • Round, silver framed glasses.
  • A heavy, black and green, tweed jacket.
  • A black blouse.
  • A white t-shirt.
  • Black pants.
  • Black footwear.


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