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Victoria "Vicky" Jane Owczynsky was a teenage girl who vanished from Minneapolis, Minnesota in 1990 under suspicious circumstances.


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Vicky was last seen at her residence. She was living with a girlfriend near University Avenue four blocks from her mother's residence and was about to enter her senior year in Minneapolis Edison High School. Vicky was supposed to meet a girlfriend in Minneapolis park and stop by her mother's home. Neither of them have seen her. She was last seen with the father of the family she was living with.

Witnesses claimed that they had seen Victoria leave home with him in his pickup truck. She might have asked for a ride to the park to meet her friend. Her mother believes that this man was involved in her disappearance. He was accused of sexually molesting his daughters two years ago and while he was never charged; he was ordered out of the house nevertheless.

This person admitted to having talked to Vicky on the day of her disappearance but rejects that she ever got in his truck. He was never charged about her case. Victoria left behind her cigarettes, clothing, jewelry and all of her money when she vanished. Foul play is suspected. Although her mother is alive, she is in very poor health and looks for closure in her daughter's disappearance.