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"Viola" was the possible name for a homicide victim found in 2001.


The woman's remains were located in a meadow in Cavaria, Italy. Throughout a few days, the rest of the body was located in a hole.

Physical Characteristics

Additional photo

  • She had brown hair
  • She had a normal build

Clothing and Jewelry

  • Leather boot, size 37
  • Round wristwatch with a rubber strap
  • Two gold flower-shaped earrings
  • One golden ring-shaped earring


According to witnesses, the victim may have been an Albanian prostitute using the name "Viola" who had disappeared around 1995. At the time, Viola claimed she was 23 years old. She had been arrested in Milan, and may have also went to the Tuscany and Emilia regions aswell. In Milan, she often went to the Piazza Duca D'Aosta on the Via Vittor Pisani and the Gran Bar café at the train station.