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Wagoner John Doe was a middle-aged or elderly man found shot to death in Wagoner, Oklahoma, in 1980.


The victim's body was found at 51st and E 209 Avenue in Wagoner, Oklahoma, in a supine position on the ground with both hands tucked in his coverall pockets and a ski mask over his face. He died of three gunshot wounds to the head and the left lower leg. Three small calibers, unjacketed, deformed lead slugs were recovered and retained.


  • He had brown, medium-lengthed hair.
  • He had a scraggly beard.
  • He had extensive dental work, however,
    • his lower front teeth decayed.
    • he had an overbite.
    • shoveling was present.
    • there was slight anterior crowding.
    • hypoplasia.
    • he had advanced periodontal disease.
  • Slight tobacco staining.

Clothing and accessories

  • He was found wearing an insulated work suit.
  • White undershorts.
  • Pair of ankle-high, lace-up work boots, size 10-11.
  • A silver Timex watch - Automatic water-resistant on his left wrist.
  • Turquoise coral rings.
  • A coffee-brown ski mask.