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Wellington County John Doe was a man whose skeletal remains were found along Wellington County Road between Guelph and Cambridge, Ontario in 1970.

He is believed to have been deceased for approximately 20 years.


Additional sketch

  • Short stature (between 5'3 and 5'5).
  • Teeth in excellent condition, but with some marked wear.
  • Severe osteoarthritis in his lumbar area.

Clothing and accessories

  • Yellow carpenter's pencil.
  • Tin spectacle case.
  • 9 various buttons were found: 1 overcoat button, 1 trouser button, 3 shirt buttons, 4 underwear buttons.
  • Some pieces of fabric that may be from a white shirt and white socks.
  • Six Canadian and American coins dated 1936-1945.
  • Half-soled Oxford shoes, size 7.5-8.
  • Leather belt, size 32, with a Steer's head buckle.
  • Grey fedora, with the initials "J.U.", "Calhoun's", and "Bathersby" in the hat band.