"Wilma" was the possible name of a woman found in Virginia in 1992.


The woman's body was found wrapped in a sheet near an access road used for ambulances. A note was left by the body claiming that she had passed away and the person who left the note could not afford to bury her. It also stated that her name was Wilma and she was 78 years old. She was from Mebane, North Carolina, and was visiting a friend in Petersburg when she died. Her only relative was a stepson named Otis, who lived in New Jersey.


  • Gray/partially gray hair.
  • Brown eyes.

Clothing and accessories

  • Pink slip.
  • Peach socks.
  • White sheet with flowers and butterflies, blue sheet, and brown blanket found near body.


  • Mabel Seymour
  • Sadie Edney


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