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Woodlawn Jane Doe, who may have used the name Jasmine or "Jassy", was a young woman who was found murdered in 1976 in Baltimore, Maryland.


The Jane Doe was found lying along a road near a cemetery. The body was covered in a white sheet with bandannas covering her face. She was bound, beaten, and had been strangled with a ligature. Chlorpromazine was found in her system, which may have been used to sedate her. The victim was also violently raped.

Many missing individuals have been excluded from the case. Isotope testing indicated the victim likely spent time in a populous region of the Northeastern United States, such as Boston, Massachusetts, or New York State. At least one of the keys she carried was manufactured in Fitchburg, Massachusetts. She is commonly listed as White, but she may have had full or partial Hispanic Ancestry.

2015 developments

A tip linked the girl to a family from Puerto Rico or Colombia that immigrated to Boston and resided in Jamaica Plain, Boston, Massachusetts. She may have also attended school near that location.

Police have not released the name of the possible identity, and have only confirmed that she may have gone by the name Jasmine or Jassy, and they wish to receive more information from the public. The family of the girl has not been located.


  • The female had dark brown to black, wavy hair
    • A widow's peak was present on her forehead.
  • Brown eyes
  • An olive complexion
  • The presence of a sedative drug in her system suggested she may have been institutionalized or suffered from a mental illness.
    • This could also be explained by her killer(s) having ties to such a location.
  • She has an O+ blood type
  • She had a scar on her left thigh and several on her knees.
  • Her ears were pierced
  • Several teeth were previously extracted.
    • Rotation of one tooth indicated she did not receive orthodontic care.
  • A crude tattoo of the letters "JP" or various combinations of the letters "J," "S," "P," "D" or "B."
    • The tattoo may have symbolized Jamaica Plain, Massachusetts, or initials.

Clothing and accessories

  • She wore a beige or white pullover
  • Corduroy Levi jeans that were beige or yellow
  • Leather, tan moccasins
  • White bra
  • Rawhide necklace with a turquoise bead
  • Two keys on a safety pin, believed to be for a night latch and a house.




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