York County Jane Doe
UP 9380.jpg
Sex Female
Race Black/White
Location York County, Virginia
Found November 29, 1972
Unidentified for 47 years
Postmortem interval Months - 3 years
Body condition Skeletal
Age approximation 25 - 35
Height approximation 5'5” - 5'8”
Weight approximation N/A
Cause of death Undetermined(S)

York County Jane Doe was a woman found deceased in Virginia in 1972.


  • The female is most likely of mixed race (Black and White), after a 2014 examination.
  • She had some missing teeth from previous extraction as well as some fillings.

Clothing and accessories

  • Gray or white knit sweater.
  • White and black patterned dress with a pocket.
  • White blouse.
  • Tasseled loafers, size 6-7 with “Tif” on the sole.
  • One blue knit sock.
  • One white sock containing $0.95 (newest coin dated 1968).
  • A green button.



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